[EventCalendar] EC3.2 beta 2 and WordPress 2.9

jdpuglisi at hotmail.com jdpuglisi at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 18 15:15:30 UTC 2009

I've been testing out EventCalendar ver 3.2 beta 2 with WordPress version 2.9 RC-1 for the last couple of hours. Everything I've tested/used seems to be working normally without throwing any errors. I haven't tested every feature but the basic stuff is working ok on my local installation. php 5.2.11, mysql 5.1.41, apache/2.2.13. My setting is to Keep Events Separate. I did not test 'Events are Normal Posts.'

What works:
Add/delete event, including calendar popup.
Calendar and Upcoming events widgets.
js calendar month scrolling
tooltips popups.
proper linking to archive templates (monthly, daily).
setting ec3 options in the admin back end.

What I didn't test:
calendar feeds via ics.
complex ec3 queries.
version 3.1.4. (I've already moved my production blog to 3.2 beta 2). Alex's betas and RCs are usually production ready, especially if it's a second release.

This may have been a pre-existing 'feature' but when I have it set to 'list times' within the post content, the direct permalink has the familiar red table with the time and date but when I pick the event off the calendar in the sidebar, the URL with the query ec3_listing=events shows the time and date in bracketed text rather than the table. 

Overall, I'm comfortable with upgrading WordPress and keeping my essential Event Calendar functionality. As always, caveat emptor.
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