[EventCalendar] Event Posting vs. Event Date

Jeff Dodson jeff at singularmarketing.com
Sun Feb 1 14:49:42 UTC 2009

Thanks Alex for your response ...

> Hi Jeff,
> On 1 Feb 2009, at 07:21, Jeff Dodson wrote:
> > Running wp 2.7.1 and EC 3.2b2 (dated January 25th)(and fresh
> > download just
> > now)
> >
> > I believe the following things are related, so I will present them
> > together.
> >
> > All big calendar related:
> >
> > 1. From any large month link at the top left of the calendar, you
> > are taken
> > to a page that should show the events listed by event date, but they
> > are
> > listed by post date instead.  I know this has been reported, but not
> > sure
> > how recently.  I searched the archive and found mentions a couple
> > years old,
> > so like I said, not sure if this is a recent mention or not.  Back
> > then this
> > kind of thing was resolved by "keeping events separate", but this is
> > how I
> > am configured and am still having this issue.
> >
> > Clicking the February link in my site for example goes to this link:
> >
> > http://www.fortbendbuyersagent.com/2009/02/?ec3_listing=events
> There is just one post listed on that page. It's an event on 7th Feb.
> That looks OK to me. One post can't possible be sorted incorrectly!
> Obviously your archive template is putting big headlines for the post
> date. They are irrelevant to you, so you need to get rid of them. Edit
> your theme's archive.php.

Yes, I am sorry I was vague, it was not the sorting I was asking about but
rather the date above the event was the event post date not the event  date
itself.  Its that date I have a problem with.  

If I attempt to list the event date in place of the post date in re-writing
the php, can I use code introduced by event calendar to output the event
date, for example the post date looks something like <?php the_time('F jS,
Y') ?>.  Is there something similar to the_time in EC?  Otherwise I will try
to get the date out of there.

> > 2. The post calendar links from a date for which I posted an event,
> > the POST
> > date in the calendar becomes clickable.  Now keep in mind I have EC
> > set to
> > "keep events separate".  Clicking on that clickable link then takes
> > me to
> > the 404 page, it does not exist, rightly so.
> >
> > Here is the link accessible from the article calendar (bottom
> > right). The
> > event was posted on the 25th and occurred on the 31st.  It is
> > clickable from
> > the 25th and should not be clickable at all from the post calendar,
> > right?
> >
> > http://www.fortbendbuyersagent.com/2009/01/25/
> That calendar is "Giraffe Calendar" - of course it doesn't know that
> there are some events that it should not show.
> It sounds like you want an option to show only posts in the EC sidebar
> calendar. OK, that sounds reasonable (if niche). I'll put it on the
> wish list.

Yea, that would be very cool, I was trying to keep the little calendar with
just posts and no events and all events on the big calendar only. So what I
did just now was put the EC little calendar in there and call it a site
calendar where it displays both events and posts, that is a good thing I am
deciding, though I could still see a little calendar with just posts
valuable, especially if you could have more than one little calendar

BUT, implementing the little calendar as my site calendar, though it fixes
the issue with event posts showing incorrectly on the date posted, for the
regular posts, for each date, the link to the page listing the events is
correct until it appends to the end of every link "?ec3_listing=events"
resulting in a 404 error for every page.  If you remove
"?ec3_listing=events", the links are correct.  What could be causing this to

I just want to fix this issue and dump the ajax calendar.  Your works much
better anyway, and I am actually liking the idea of a combined little

Thanks Alex!

> > 3. For the event mentioned in #2, recall it was posted on the 25th and
> > occurred on the 31st.  On the 31st, I posted an article.  If I click
> > on the
> > link from the post calendar on the 31st, I should only see the post
> > I made
> > that day.  But I ALSO see the event POSTED on the 25th but occurring
> > the
> > 31st.  The event date of the 31st caused the event post to be seen
> > in the
> > post calendar the day the event occurred.  This event did not show
> > in the
> > post calendar until its scheduled date to occur.
> >
> > I posted an event today (Feb 1st) that is scheduled to occur on Feb
> > 7th.
> > The link in the post calendar for the Feb 1st is clickable but goes
> > to a 404
> > page just as the link from Jan 25th does as described above.  The
> > event
> > itself does not appear on the post calendar for the 7th, but
> > presumably will
> > once the 7th arrives, just as the other event posted the 25th and
> > occurring
> > the 31st showed up on the post calendar once the event happened.
> You are still complaining about what Giraffe calendar is showing you.
> I can't really help you there.
> > -------
> > Seems all these are related to keeping events separate being strictly
> > enforced (or not).  Some "keep events separate" items are working, for
> > example, event posts do not show on my blog-on-static-page: /articles
> "Keep Events Separate" can (usually, just about) keep Wordpress from
> showing you event posts. There's no way it can do that for 3rd party
> plug-ins that roll their own SQL rather than using Wordpress'.
> > Fabulous plugin Alex!
> Thanks for sticking with it.
> -Alex
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