[EventCalendar] Event Posting vs. Event Date

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Feb 1 15:37:34 UTC 2009

Hi Jeff,

Jeff Dodson wrote:

>> Obviously your archive template is putting big headlines for the post
>> date. They are irrelevant to you, so you need to get rid of them. Edit
>> your theme's archive.php.

> Yes, I am sorry I was vague, it was not the sorting I was asking about but
> rather the date above the event was the event post date not the event  date
> itself.  Its that date I have a problem with.  
> If I attempt to list the event date in place of the post date in re-writing
> the php, can I use code introduced by event calendar to output the event
> date, for example the post date looks something like <?php the_time('F jS,
> Y') ?>.  Is there something similar to the_time in EC?  Otherwise I will try
> to get the date out of there.

Absolutely. Use the template functions in template-functions-new.php, for example:

 echo ec3_get_start_time('F jS, Y');

>> It sounds like you want an option to show only posts in the EC sidebar
>> calendar. OK, that sounds reasonable (if niche). I'll put it on the
>> wish list.

> Yea, that would be very cool, I was trying to keep the little calendar with
> just posts and no events and all events on the big calendar only. So what I
> did just now was put the EC little calendar in there and call it a site
> calendar where it displays both events and posts, that is a good thing I am
> deciding, though I could still see a little calendar with just posts
> valuable, especially if you could have more than one little calendar
> deployed.

Yes, I see how that would be useful. As I say, I've put it on the to-do list.
I'm really busy with paid work at the moment, so it'll have to wait a while.

For now, actual bugs are my main priority with EC.

> BUT, implementing the little calendar as my site calendar, though it fixes
> the issue with event posts showing incorrectly on the date posted, for the
> regular posts, for each date, the link to the page listing the events is
> correct until it appends to the end of every link "?ec3_listing=events"
> resulting in a 404 error for every page.  If you remove
> "?ec3_listing=events", the links are correct.  What could be causing this to
> happen?

Can you give me a concrete example, please?


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