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Ed Dowding eddowding at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 1 16:26:07 UTC 2009

> TBH, the event category is a bit of a holdover from previous versions. There's
> almost no need for it any more. The calendar and upcoming events widgets
> actually ignore the category and just list all events, so even if things do
> get messed up and you somehow have event posts that are not in the event cat -
> everything will still work as intended.

So it should be showing all events regardless of category they're posted in?

In which case I've found a bug, I think.

On http://new.classictravelling.com/ there's an event which is in May
which is configured just like the rest, but not showing up.

Creating a new event with NO categories:
 - was automatically given an 'event' category
 - shows up in the list

Creating a new event with event categories:
 - shows up in the list

So I guess it's something to do with changing the title of the event
category. What do I need to change in the database / admin to ensure
all events are picked up? The event which ISN'T showing does have the
new event category selected, and deselecting, saving, reselecting,
saving makes no difference.

Any tips?

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