[EventCalendar] Sorting problem

Vittorio mac at viz.cc
Sun Feb 1 16:32:00 UTC 2009


Running wp 2.7 and EC 3.2b2 .

Blog url: http://www.bresciabimbi.it/index_wp.php

Problem: I use "ec_today=1&order=asc" to display the today's event in  
the carousel at top left of index page. The posts aren't sorted  
correctly. As you can see the first post is dated november the 15Th  
(ok, is a event starting in november and ending in february). After it  
there are listed this events:

		[1 febbraio 2009 14:30]

		[1 febbraio 2009 12:00]
		Le favole del cielo

		[1 febbraio 2009 16:30 22 marzo 2009 16:30 ]
		Planetario di Lumezzane

How can I get a correct sorting ?

Hey Alex, great plug-in
Bye and thanks for your answers.
Vittorio from Italy.

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