[EventCalendar] Event Posting vs. Event Date

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Feb 1 16:43:39 UTC 2009

Jeff Dodson wrote:
> All of the links from the calendar (lower right corner) which are not events
> have this issue, take the calendar back to January, there are several posts
> listed on the calendar.  For example,
> http://www.fortbendbuyersagent.com/2009/01/02/?ec3_listing=events
> http://www.fortbendbuyersagent.com/2009/01/02/  << this works
> or ...
> http://www.fortbendbuyersagent.com/2009/01/09/?ec3_listing=events
> http://www.fortbendbuyersagent.com/2009/01/09/  << this works

Right, those only show up in the dynamically generated calendars, not the one
you get to start with. I think that's a bug. You have the global option
"ec3_show_only_events" set to "1", but your calendar is set to show all events.

That global option isn't used anymore, but it's still honoured as a default to
preserve backwards compatibility. Obviously that's not working very well.

Try editing your database to remove the "ec3_show_only_events" option (from
WP_OPTIONS table). I think that will fix your problem.


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