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Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Feb 1 17:04:26 UTC 2009

Hi Ed,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Ed Dowding wrote:
>> TBH, the event category is a bit of a holdover from previous versions. There's
>> almost no need for it any more. The calendar and upcoming events widgets
>> actually ignore the category and just list all events, so even if things do
>> get messed up and you somehow have event posts that are not in the event cat -
>> everything will still work as intended.
> So it should be showing all events regardless of category they're posted in?
> In which case I've found a bug, I think.
> On http://new.classictravelling.com/ there's an event which is in May
> which is configured just like the rest, but not showing up.

I don't really see the problem. The only event you have in May 2009 is this one:

...which seems to show up in all the places I would expect.

That said, you have a very non-standard theme, which contains at least a few
errors. For example, the extra spaces here:

You don't seem to have a normal loop in your theme's index.php, which
generally spells EC3's doom. Search the list archives for my recommended
approach to doing this.

Feeds don't work properly - instead they redirect to feedburner, without
actually respecting the URL that I typed in. For example, this should be a
list of upcoming events in RSS format:

None of which actually seems to be causing you a problem, since you are not
using the broken functionality. However, if all that is wrong - what other
problems might there be?

Finally, I notice that your event category is 'cat=1'. That's unusual, because
#1 is usually your default category. Please check that you don;t have your
default AND event categories set to the same thing... that is bound to cause

> Creating a new event with NO categories:
>  - was automatically given an 'event' category
>  - shows up in the list
> Creating a new event with event categories:
>  - shows up in the list
> So I guess it's something to do with changing the title of the event
> category. What do I need to change in the database / admin to ensure
> all events are picked up? The event which ISN'T showing does have the
> new event category selected, and deselecting, saving, reselecting,
> saving makes no difference.
> Any tips?

I thin you first ought to switch to the default theme, and get all of your
event related stuff working *there*. Once that works, then switch to your real
theme and try to work out what's now broken, and why.


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