[EventCalendar] Keep Events Seperate Problem Bug

Frenchtowner frenchtowner at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 18:00:45 UTC 2009


Thank you for trying to answer my questions. I think when I registered
before, I did not actually post my questions to the board correctly or
something. I am not used to using posted email boards like this.

Let me respond to your comments one by one:

"Keep Events Separate" mode is *supposed* to keep events off your normal
and out of your normal feeds.

That makes things make much more sense then. I at least know that it is
doing what it is supposed to do. I thought for sure that I had some type of
conflict with my other widgets or something.

Can you give me a URL that shows the problem. Describe what you *expect* to
see, and what you *actually* see.

My problem with this set up is this: I need my events to show in all my
feeds and in my front page gallery slideshow at the top of the page. When I
have them set to "Keep Events Separate", they do not show in either place.
This is not good for my traffic or for my feeds in twitter.com and

Why have you set "Keep Events Separate"? What problems do you have when  you
set "Events are normal posts"?

When I set the mode to "Events are normal posts", it causes some problems
for me:

1. When I click on today's date, February 1st, on home page, on the calendar
on the right side, It takes me to a page that is very confusing, at the top
it reads:

 "Archive for January 25th, 2009,

2. Also, when I go to the Events Category Page:
http://bestofnj.com/category/nj-events/, I get an unordered list of events,
no chronolgical list as I would get if I had the option set to Keep Events
Seperate. This makes this page actually useless for my user because it only
shows the most recently posted events, not what is going on today or
tomorrow or next week, which is what they are looking for, or at least what
I want them to find there.


Also on the homepage in the Upcoming Events List, all of my events for today
are not showing for some reason. I don't know what is causing that.


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