[EventCalendar] Keep Events Seperate Problem Bug

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Feb 1 18:15:18 UTC 2009

Hi John,

On 1 Feb 2009, at 18:00, Frenchtowner wrote:

> Why have you set "Keep Events Separate"? What problems do you have  
> when  you
> set "Events are normal posts"?
> ================
> When I set the mode to "Events are normal posts", it causes some  
> problems
> for me:
> 1. When I click on today's date, February 1st, on home page, on the  
> calendar
> on the right side, It takes me to a page that is very confusing, at  
> the top
> it reads:
> "Archive for January 25th, 2009,

That's a problem with your theme's archive template. It actually says  

Archive for January 25th, 2009
You are browsing the archives of 2009 February 01.

It clearly know what the page is for, otherwise it would not say  
"February 01". Just change your theme's archive.php until you are  
happy with it.

> 2. Also, when I go to the Events Category Page:
> http://bestofnj.com/category/nj-events/, I get an unordered list of  
> events,
> no chronolgical list as I would get if I had the option set to Keep  
> Events
> Seperate. This makes this page actually useless for my user because  
> it only
> shows the most recently posted events, not what is going on today or
> tomorrow or next week, which is what they are looking for, or at  
> least what
> I want them to find there.

It would not make any sense for that page to be sorted by event time.  
If you have your event posts listed by post date on the front page,  
why should they be listed in a different order on the category page? A  
visitor who didn't know what was going on would get very confused.

If you want a page with upcoming events listed in event order, then try:

...that should always give you the page you want.

> Also on the homepage in the Upcoming Events List, all of my events  
> for today
> are not showing for some reason. I don't know what is causing that.

Do you have your time-zone set correctly? Is your server's time and  
time-zone set correctly?


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