[EventCalendar] events not showing after install and set up 3.2 beta

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Feb 1 21:03:49 UTC 2009

On 1 Feb 2009, at 20:19, josh ovett wrote:

> using wp 2.7 with revolution city theme, my sql v 5.0.76
> install 3.1.4 and the widgets did not show up in the widgets section

Did you activate *both* plug-ins? v3.1 comes in two parts.

> uninstalled and deleted the folder
> then installed v3.2.beta2 it all showed up and widget were now  
> avaialbe
> the listing widget show but nothing shows below when I set up a future
> event, it does show on caledar widget as a date with a color and pop
> up show event.

Not sure what you mean here. Can you post a link so I can see?


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