[EventCalendar] Can I always display dates in Sidebar? / Sort Posts by Events

David Nolan david.nolan at celtic-irish.co.uk
Mon Feb 2 02:09:37 UTC 2009

Hello All,

Watching the Superbowl (in the middle of the night here in Blighty) so also
had some time to do some tinkering. I trust these aren't two simple.

I have two questions:

1. Can I sort posts by events date other than using *?ec3_after=* or
Really, I'm simply looking for a way for changing the display for permalink
reasons or instead of it saying myblog.com/?ec3_after="some date in the
past" it can say myblog.com/events (I am using 3.1.4) - ideally, thinking
ahead to different grouping of events in the future I might like to use a
combination of ec3_after and ec3_before but want it to look nice for search
engines and real people.

2. Can I make ec3_get_events() show events even if they are in the past and
I want the events to still show up even when they have passed.

To illustrate what I am looking please take a look at
http://www.celtic-irish.co.uk/fleadh2007 where the events page is listed in
order by manipulating the post date (not ideal) and the sidebar (non widget)
is empty because all events have passed. I'd like to have it such that
events still show up until all the events have passed and work like
ec3_after works.

Kindest Regards

David Nolan

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