[EventCalendar] Different link looks on 2 diff months big calendar

Jeff Dodson jeff at singularmarketing.com
Mon Feb 2 15:25:44 UTC 2009

Hi Alex,

This may have gotten lost at the end of the other conversation, so here it
is explicitly:

Not sure if this always was or just started happening as a result of the
database alteration you suggested on previous question, on the big calendar
on my site, 


On Feb 7, there is a single event and the link to the archive page for the
7th looks like this:


(?ec3_listing=events on the end).

On January 31st, there is an event listed there, but there is also a post on
that date, the link to that page archive looks like this:


(no ?ec3_listing=events on the end)

Browsing to the first link does list the event for that day, browsing to the
second link displays both the event that happened on that day, but also
displays a post I made on that day.

If I add ?ec3_listing=events to the end of the second link, the post does
not display, but the event does.  Since I want the big calendar to be an
events only calendar, this is the way I want it to operate.

Why did ?ec3_listing=events not appear on the second link (the one for
January 25th), and can this be corrected?

I have deleted all cache I know about and tried on 4 browsers, so I do not
think this is a cache issue.

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