[EventCalendar] Ordering of posts according to event dates

David Nolan david.nolan at celtic-irish.co.uk
Mon Feb 2 17:51:17 UTC 2009

I asked this question last night during the Superbowl. Did anyone get it?

Anyway, you can do it this way: "http://blog.address/?ec3_after=today" as a
link and that will show what you are after including the Post Content which
will use the index.php page as a template. I am after a similar thing but
wanted a cleaner permalink structure.

If you are after a page template and just want to list the events you can
use a call to ec3_get_events() as explained here:

I display a list of events like this on a few blogs which just lists

   - Date:
      - Title (Time)


David Nolan

2009/2/2 Sebastian Lehnhoff <sebastian.lehnhoff at udo.edu>

>  Dear list members,
> I am using the event calendar plugin an a wordpress page that consists of a
> large amount of concert-announcement-events. I would like to use the date of
> the event as a mean to order my posts (concert announcements). Is there an
> easy way to accomplish this?
> Past events should not be included in this ordering. It is basically the
> 'upcomig events' ordering that can be displayed in the sidebar.
> I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
> Sebastian
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