[EventCalendar] EC logo does not display

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Tue Feb 3 13:34:48 UTC 2009

Hi Jeff,

On 3 Feb 2009, at 00:14, Jeff Dodson wrote:

> I mentioned this some time ago, I wanted to point out it is still an  
> issue,
> I have "hide EC logo" = 0 (Setting I believe to display the logo,  
> right?),
> yet the logo does not appear on the big calendar.  I plan to turn  
> this off
> once I can make a donation from proceeds from my site, but until  
> then, I
> want to be sure and display it.  FYI

It only displays when there is space for it in the lower right hand  
corner. Look at December 2008... is it still missing?

-Alex  [still looking for work]

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