[EventCalendar] All posts showing on Calendar

Jeff Dodson jeff at singularmarketing.com
Thu Feb 5 18:45:57 UTC 2009


First of all, idiots don’t try to do more, congratulations on trying to do
more!  :)

I am using 3.2.dev which is supposed to be slightly more advanced than
3.2.beta2.  Are you speaking about the bi calendar?

For me, I use the full list of options; the default would look like this:


The last one, show_only_events=1, insures only events show in the calendar.
If you set it to zero (or maybe leave it out altogether?), it displays
events and posts from all categories.

See this post for a good explanation of the code above:


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Ok, I'm an idiot.  But...

Any new post that I place, regardless of category, shows up on the calendar.
 I only want posts that are marked as events when I use the begin and end
time section at the bottom to show.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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