[EventCalendar] filter question

David Garlitz dgarlitz at wesleyan.edu
Fri Feb 6 10:52:45 UTC 2009

Hi Alex (et al),

I am using ec3 3.2beta2 on a bilingual site in conjunction with a  
plugin called Language Switcher. I've created a filter based on the  
filter that Lang Switcher uses for "the_date" to reformat the dates in  
"ec3_get_schedule" according to the user's language.

The thing is, the filter works correctly when I query the events using  
this line :

<?php $event_query = new WP_Query('showposts=2&ec3_after=today');
   while ($event_query->have_posts()) :?>

<?php echo apply_filters('ec3_get_schedule','DGlang_ec3_date',  
ec3_get_schedule('%s ','%1$s %3$s %2$s. ','%s ')); ?>

But in the normal loop, or on queries using "$query_string," it  
"filters" the date but doesn't get the event's date - showing "Dec. 31  
1969" as the event date.

Here's a link to a page where it works : http://test.davidgarlitz.com  
(see under the heading "Gigs :")
Here's a link to a single post page where it doesn't work : http://test.davidgarlitz.com/279

Any ideas why this might be happening? Any suggestions on a more  
effective way to change the date output of ec3_get_schedule?
Let me know if you need to see more code or other info, etc...


PS A related and possibly less complicated question : is there a way  
to output the date of an event and directly specify the date format  
(i.e. "ec3_the_schedule('j F Y');")?
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