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Pushkin Passey pushkinpassey at gmail.com
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Hi Samuel,

I am making my school's (college) first-year website/blog. I tried out the
'Role Scoper' plugin, but it was too complex... I wanted something simple.

Basically, it has two broad sections: 'Notices' and 'Student Blog'. The
students should not be able to post in the Notices category so I used the
'User-Cats Manager' plugin (easiest to use) to restrict all the students to
only be able to post in the 'Students Blog' category.


The students are 'WP Authors' and the tutors are 'WP Editors' so that they
can edit the student stuff as well and post notices.


If I don't restrict the students, then they were able to post notices as
well and it may mess up the site if some bright fellow decides to play a
prank or something!


You can have a look here: http://www.aafys.net. (All the posts are random
texts btw!)




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what is the point of making the person an author and then not giving them
add post abilities?  a simple way to do this is you could use the role
manager plugin.  it is no longer supported however so you may not want to
rely on it.  it's a lot easier than changing code though


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Thanks for the quick reply! I've edited the file and it's working great now!
J Thank you!

I was just wondering if it's possible to hide the schedule box on the 'add
post' page for 'WP Authors'?


Also, I think I found a bug. In Google Chrome, while creating a new post,
when I click on the ' - ' button to see the pop-up calendar, nothing




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