[EventCalendar] Upcoming Events widget is not showing upcoming events in consecutive order

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Feb 9 02:48:32 UTC 2009

Hi Cynthea,

You are using 3.2.beta1. First try upgrading to the latest dev version, then
get back to us if you still have problems.



Cynthea Liu wrote:
> Hi everyone,  my Upcoming events widget is ignoring FUTURE event dates
> from posts that may have been created prior to other posts with FUTURE
> event dates ..... What is going on? See my website.
> http://www.authorsnow.com - compare the Upcoming Events widget in the
> sidebar against the EVENTS page -- http://www.authorsnow.com/events
> <http://www.authorsnow.com/events>
> Do you see how it's only posting certain future events in the widget?
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