[EventCalendar] Upcoming Events

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Tue Feb 10 12:51:59 UTC 2009


There's currently a bug that messes with event ordering when you are  
*not* in advanced (keep events separate) mode. I'll be releasing a  
fixed version very soon. I hope that will fix your problem.



On 10 Feb 2009, at 11:50, Frenchtowner wrote:

> Hi EC,
> I was just wondering how the Upcoming Events plugin actually chooses  
> which
> events to display? It seems that it shows some and ignores others.  
> If you
> look here: http://bestofnj.com/ on the event calendar, you will see  
> that I
> have events showing for today Feb, 10 but also for this weekend  
> 12,13,14,15.
> On the upcoming events widget right below that, it only shows the  
> event from
> this weekend that continues today Feb. 10 and then it skips to an  
> event for
> Feb. 21st. Can you tell me why the event for this weekend is being  
> ignored?
> Is there something I do not understand about the design of EC?
> Thanks,
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