[EventCalendar] Javascript problem with Internet Explorer

Hal Burgiss hal at dbsinteractive.com
Wed Feb 11 22:07:36 UTC 2009


I have a Wordpress installation with this plugin that works great in Firefox.
Internet Explorer is causing big headaches (again). I have the calendar
displaying in the sidebar with ec3_get_calendar() (using v3.1.4). The problem is
the prev and next links in the upper corners. In IE, the javascript is not
getting inserted and the links are as /?m=200903&cat=6 (or somesuch), which just
loads a WP page, and the calendar month never changes. In Firefox all is well and
I can see this should be ec3:go_next(). Of course, IE is reporting an 'error on
page' but they have really done a super-sweet job of making sure you have no idea what
or where that error is. Is anybody had this and solved it? Its is the same on
both IE6 and 7. 

I have tried disabling all other plugins just to see if that made a difference,
and it did not change anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hal Burgiss

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