[EventCalendar] Trouble with archive calendar results

Bill McCue - Century 21 Advantage Bill at WeSellSarasota.com
Thu Feb 12 02:39:54 UTC 2009

Love the plugin!!! .. but having a problemI hope you can help me with.  With
version 3.1.4, the sidebar widget works great, I click on the date, and an
archive page lists all the posts for that day.  Problem I am having with
3.1.4 is that the shortcode to pull a large calendar into a page does not
work.  It does not pull the calendar.


 Then, I upgraded to 3.2 beta 2 hoping that would fix the shortcode issue,
and I was happy to see the large calendar works with the shortcode now, but
the sidebar widget does not work properly.  The sidebar widget  will not
pull the archive page properly.  When I click on a date in the sidebar
widget,  the archive page that appears is all messed up.  The right sidebar
is appearing all the way on the left of the screen, and there is no other
data on the screen.  (incidentally, the same thing happens if I just click
the Date on the large calendar (instead of a specific event).   The issue is
with the archive page used.


Then , I switched back to 3.1.4, and the archive pages work fine again when
I click on a date rather than an event,  but the shortcode does not pull the
large calendar again.


I don't care which one I get to work, but I can't get either to work
properly. When I click on a date, this is the link I see which I guess is
supposed to pull the archive page:
http://universityplaceflorida.com/2009/02/14/?ec3_listing=events    I know
it is probably an easy fix?  Any insight?



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