[EventCalendar] RE: disappearing post teasers

Elise Del Vecchio EliseDelVecchio at kclibrary.org
Thu Feb 12 17:04:39 UTC 2009

Hi. I commented out line 595 & 596 in eventcalendar3.php (got rid of the
custom excerpt filter), and I got my teasers back in my theme. Can
anyone tell me what else the custom excerpt filter will affect?

Btw I'm using wordpress 2.7.

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>Subject: [EventCalendar] disappearing post teasers
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>Hello everyone. I'm very pleased with Event Calendar, its ease of
>installation and use. Unfortunately, when the plugin is activated, all
my >home page posts are reduced to title and byline. The post teaser
completely >disappears. I'm using the Magazine Basic theme by Chris
Bavota and Event >Calendar 3.1.4. This occurs both with and without the
Events Widget >enabled, so it must be Event Calendar. Also, I have no
other plugins >activated.

>I've played with the options settings for "Show events as blog entries"
and  >"Show all categories in calendar"; no combination of these makes
any >difference.

>Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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