[EventCalendar] Two noob Qs: sched format, delete old entries

rcurzon at spamcop.net rcurzon at spamcop.net
Fri Feb 13 01:08:05 UTC 2009


I looked at EV3 just before I dived into putting a blog together for a friend.

I liked the look of the schedule in the post: a calendar pad look,  
with large numerals.  And an expired date was faded and gray.  Pretty  

But now I have the blog implemented it looks much blander: a table  
with a date on the first row, time on the second row.  Fonts are  
simple, no large numeral.  And the past dates now look the same as  
future dates.

What are the dependencies that can make that happen?  I didn't change  
any code in the calendar... I am using the INOVE template if that's a  


I want to write some SQL that cleans up old events, something like:

DELETE FROM `wp_ec3_schedule` WHERE end < current_date()-2

I.e. get rid of events over 2 days old.

Since I don't know the framework, best to ask: "where's the best place  
to run that code?"  I don't mind running it each time somebody comes  
in, it's a low volume blog.

--- suggestions:

  - automate that old item cleanup ... maybe a config option

  - think about how to implement an "every Tuesday" indefinitely.   
Same with other intervals: third Friday of the month, every other  
week, birthdays, etc.  Doesn't seem it could be too hard.  Every time  
you show the calendar, just review those settings and display a link  
to the right post on the corresponding date?

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