[EventCalendar] Event list 'get events' template function - where does it go in the sidebar.php?

Pete Hanratty phanratt at columbus.rr.com
Fri Feb 13 12:17:31 UTC 2009


I am using 3.2beta2 with WP 2.7 and the Revolution 2 theme 'Church'. EC 
as both widget and the big cal.
The site is http://www.church.hanratty.org

Everything works ok but I would like to have the event list in the 
sidebar appear below the calendar. EC instructions say to place the code 
in the sidebar.php which I have done. The problem is that no matter 
where I place it, it either breaks the page or just shows up on the top.

If anyone can tell me where to put the code I would be eternally grateful.

Great Plugin
Pete Hanratty

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