[EventCalendar] MBCS Error on line 242, checked archives and tried available solutions already.

Adrian Tysoe Tysoe at pacbell.net
Sat Feb 14 20:51:15 UTC 2009

Hi, I tried the latest build but it still didn't work, the same problem
occurs. I Installed a PHP5 database for Wordpress. However, checking with my
web host 1&1 support FAQ there may be extra steps for some things,  I pasted
what the support FAQ said at the end of this message.


One thing it  says is to rename files from .php to .php5 which doesn't seem
to work.  OK, I tried making an empty  .htaccess  file in my wordpress root
folderand pasted AddType x-mapp-php5 .php  inside it. That seems to have
fixed the problem. 


I don't know if that's of any use to you, 1&1 Is a pretty big web host,
might be worth mentioning the above fix in the calendar docs somewhere.


web host support faq info below.




With 1&1 Linux hosting packages you have the choice between PHP 4 and 
PHP 5. To distinguish a script as PHP 5, simply name the script with the
extension .php5.

While the PHP developers have done their utmost to ensure compatibility, we
guarantee that PHP 4 scripts will function 100% correctly under PHP 5.

Please note that in contrast to PHP 4, the default for the variable
is "off".

By default Apache uses PHP 4 for .php extension. If you don't want to rename
all your 
scripts to .php5 you can do the following:
Create a .htaccess file and place the following line AddType x-mapp-php5
.php in it.

This will tell Apache to use PHP 5 instead of PHP 4 for the extension .php
in the 
directory the .htaccess is placed and all sub-directories under it.

You can use AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php as an alternative for or instead of
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php 






This is an error produced by php4.  The BEST solution is to upgrade to php5.

Failing that, download the current developmental version from wordpress. 




and it ought to work for you.  While it's LABELED as developmental, it's
really pretty much ready for release. 



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