[EventCalendar] Permalinks break certain features...

Mark mark at oceanguardian.net
Sat Feb 14 21:06:54 UTC 2009


I'm running WP-2.7 on UNIX server, with latest Event Calendar.

You've done a great service to the WP community btw Alex - Thank you!!

I've ended up having to launch a new website last week without the 
benefit of Permalinks because it appears to break certain features in 
the Event calendar (i've tried various plugin removal). Without going 
into the details at this point are there others that find this true for 
their website?

It it is a theme issue where should I look in the theme files? Are there 
any threads or writeup on this topic already that I may have overlooked?

I'd love to resolve this...and would compensate to get this website 
completed (with unicode support) once and for all.


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