[EventCalendar] RE: Two noob Qs: sched format, delete old entries

rcurzon at spamcop.net rcurzon at spamcop.net
Sun Feb 15 03:43:55 UTC 2009

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deactivate 3.1.4 before upgrading.
then, delete the 3.1.4 folder

Then copy in the 3.2dev stuff

and then re-activate.


OK now I've learned a bit of caution ;-) ...

I see the plugins page has 2 stages of "getting rid of the old one".

First I can "deactivate", then I can "delete" in a separate option.

Of course what I'd like is to delete everything in the control panel  
data structures...  and everything on the disc.

EXCEPT !!! not lose my database entries.

Is there a risk of that if I do anything here?

Is "delete" here in the Plugins page all I need... or do I have to go  
to the file system and delete the tree physically?

Can't be too careful, right?


Quoting rcurzon at spamcop.net:

> thanks for the info...
> I tried to upgrade to 3.2, following the directions...
> Before you start, make sure that you have at least MySQL v4.
> = 1. Upload to your plugins folder, usually `wp-content/plugins/` =
>      The plugin is in the form of a directory called 'eventcalendar3'.
> = 2. Activate the plugin on the plugin screen. =
>      Don't try to view your blog yet. First you must...
> = 3. Change settings on the "Options > Event Calendar" options screen. =
> etc....
> How do you do #2?  After uncompressing files, I can no longer log into
> my blog.
> (  Luckily, I uncompressed 3.14 again over top of 3.2, and everything
> works as before.  But how do you move ahead?  )
> tx
> Richard

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