[EventCalendar] Event Side Calendar

Michael Gaffney mjgaffney at comcast.net
Mon Feb 16 19:10:04 UTC 2009

Sorry if this is repost.  Had a little trouble logging on properly.


I have installed event calendar 3.2.beta2 and modified my sidebar.php file
to pull the calendar.  For some reason though, the sidebar calendar is
showing events as it is supposed to but also every other post, in a
different color, on the calendar as well.  I just want the events to be
posted here.

I installed the plugin and accidentally had 'events are normal posts' set
when I first viewed the calendar.  That's when I saw the error.  So I set
'keep events separate' under options but it is not solving the problem.  My
sidebar calendar still shows two colors, one for posts and one for events.

Please help.  I love this pluging but need it to show events only.







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