[EventCalendar] Click on date goes to default language with qtranslate

D. Hayes whiterock66 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 22 06:24:28 UTC 2009

I'm new to the mailing list so sorry if the title and question aren't well written.  Also thanks for the great plugin.

I'm trying to find how to get the event in the sidebar calendar to point to the event in the current language when using EC with qtranslate.  I have ec3.2beta2 installed on a test site with the latest qtranslate 2.3.1.  When the mouse is over the red event date, the popup event is for the default language (I'm using English and Japanese) and then when clicked on goes to the Event post in that language, no matter which is the current language.  I can do a bit of php and html editing, but have never worked with java.  I'm not sure where to find the pointers to the event posts, and then how to apply the

qtrans_convertURL(string $url, string $lang)

function in qtranslate so that the current language url is shown.

Thanks for any help with this. Otherwise I haven't had any problems with language, the two plugins seem to work great together (with the testing I've done so far).

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