[EventCalendar] replace table with lists?

Alf Haakon Lund alf at galleritexas.no
Sun Feb 22 22:31:03 UTC 2009


I'm going to update a website running wp 2.0.5 and EC 3.1.1 to the  
newest and freshest of both, which is why I'm currently experimenting  
with wp 2.7.1 and EC 3.2.beta2. So far I'm impressed how smoothly  
everything is running - biggest regret is there seems to be no easy  
way of having the new ec autodetect old entries. Any suggestions on  
how to import these are highly welcome.

Otherwise, EC3 is inserting the schedule in a post as a table. I would  
like to have the schedule appear on a single line, and how to put  
table rows like that with css is above my level. A lot easier if EC3  
was inserting an <ul> instead.

So, can anyone tell me either a) how to have table rows display inline  
with css,  or b) how to modify EC to insert an unordered list instead?

Thank you for you efforts,

Alf Haakon Lund

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