[EventCalendar] Just can't get the big calendar to display... details follow.

Michael Gaffney mjgaffney at comcast.net
Tue Feb 24 14:18:01 UTC 2009

I've searched back several months and though I see advice on how to get the
big calendar to work I just can't seem to get it to happen on my site.


Some background info.


I am an html, wordpress and EC3 novice.


I am using  the Mimbo theme and have modified the Links page template to be
used by my calendar page since I'm not using it for anything else and want
to get rid of the sidebar, etc for the calendar page.  The contents of the
template php file are:




Template Name: Links



<?php get_header(); ?>

<div id="content">


<?php get_footer(); ?>


I have created a Page using Wordpress called "Calendar" and placed just the
text '[EC3BigCalendar]' in the editing window but when I publish the page
and view it in my browser I get the header, the footer, and NO big calendar.


Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?  I was able to get the sidebar
calendar working fine.


My site is www.thenorthwestrider.com


(I have unpublished the calendar page until I get this working so you won't
see it there if you visit.)


Thanks sincerely for your help.  I really appreciate it.







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