[EventCalendar] Is your Search broken? failing to display obvious posts?

Charles Anthony charlesanthony at ottawalivemusic.com
Sat Jul 4 11:00:30 UTC 2009

Try this plug-in called Relevanssi:

I hope this saves somebody time and aggravation.  There have been a few
threads that ask for help when the Wordpress search fails to display posts
when "Keep Events Separate" is selected.  I have struggled with this for a
long time and it seems like it is a problem with the Wordpress search --
that is my guess.

Well, I have tried umpteen search plugins and I have finally found this
one to work perfectly both in displaying the posts that SHOULD appear as
well as other relevant posts.

Charles Anthony

"Ottawa Live Music"
The only interactive live music radio show and now a blog!

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