[EventCalendar] 'Keep Events Separate' stops post showing in its other categories (WP 2.8.1-beta2 & EC 3.2.beta2)

Brenda Moon brenda at moon.net.au
Mon Jul 6 03:46:11 UTC 2009

I'm using WP 2.8.1-beta2 and EC 3.2.beta2.  If I set 'Keep Events  
Separate' then the posts show up correctly in the Event Calendar  
category, but are hidden in the other categories they are in.  For  
example a post might be in "Event Calendar" so it shows on the  
calendar, but also in "Camps" so people can see what camps are coming  

I have a static front page, so for now I've disabled "Keep Events  
Seperate".  But that means that I don't get the nice Event Calendar  
view of the Event Calendar category.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?  Be happy to either
  * leave "Keep Events Separate" disabled and change the page template  
for the Event Calendar category to give the Event Date view
  or to
   * make Event Calendar not filter the events in the other category  
views with "Keep Events Separate" enabled.
But can't see how to do either.

This is the Event Calendar category:   http://www.home-ed.vic.edu.au/category/event-calendar/



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