[EventCalendar] Only showing current month events

Steve Bessler sbessler at pawsative.com
Tue Jul 14 18:00:35 UTC 2009

I get the error in multiple versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.  
Changing themes to default or classic did not correct the problem as 
well.  However changing to keeping events separate did help.  I need to 
go play with how I was linking the events to the post section now.  Is 
there a way to keep the events as normal post?  This will effect the 
older events post and links if I change.


Steve Bessler wrote:
> I am only getting the current month's link in the calendar.  Any ideas 
> on what to look for to fix this?
> Wordpress 2.8
> Event Calendar 3.2 dev-02
> Thanks,
> Steve
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