[EventCalendar] Event Calendar Widget 2-day event gremlin

sjessop at xtrdesigns.com sjessop at xtrdesigns.com
Wed Jul 22 12:42:50 UTC 2009

Good Afternoon,

This email is probably directed more towards Darrell Schulte as I have a
little problem with the excellent Event Calendar Widget on my

On my website we have a calendar for all the upcoming motorsport events,
like Formula 1, NASCAR, World Rally, MotoGP etc. Some of the events, if
not all, span 2 days, however on upcoming dates feed it only shows a
single event per day.

E.g. Here is a selection of our upcoming events on the website

Upcoming Events
July 25, 2009:
F1 - BUDAPEST (all day)
July 26, 2009:
MOTO GP - DONNINGTON ! (all day)

The F1 event is a 2-day event and in the calendar shows as "July 25, 2009
to July 27, 2009" and if I edit the event it shows Start as 2009-07-25
00:00 and Finish as 2009-07-27 00:00 yet it only shows as Saturday in the
diary, rather than Saturday AND Sunday in the quick editor.

Is there possibly a workaround for this someone could help with?

The website itself is www.teamxtr.com and your help is appreciated.



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