[EventCalendar] Import calendar entries from other blog

Alf Haakon Lund alf at galleritexas.no
Sat Jul 25 15:26:00 UTC 2009

Thank you for answering!

I just wonder, when I look at the sql command in the beginnig of the  
file export it says DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `olddatabase_ec3_schedule`;
CREATE TABLE `olddatabase_ec3_schedule`

1. I need to import these data to newdatabase_ec3_schedule
2. I want to keep the data already there

It seems to me the drop table will leave me without the current data?

I tried to remove the structure from the export and choose the export  
type UPDATE, then in the sql file renaming all occurrences of  
olddatabase_ec3_schedule with newdatabase_ec3_schedule.

After this myphpadmin said 198 rows was successfully imported, however  
I'm not able to find them anywhere in any table.

Hope you still have ideas where to go,

Best wishes, Alf Haakon Lund

Fra Tom Kane <tkane at prodigy.net> lør 25-07-2009 16:24:16 CEST:

> I think what you're missing is the "Add DROP TABLE" on your EXPORT.
> That creates the SQL that will drop the table so that you can re-add  
>  it to the export file that you run to import the data into the  
> other  site/database.
> I remember reading about that as an option in moving your wordpress   
> site when I first started looking at wordpress about 6 months ago. 
> And, I have a test site, and hadn't remembered that the   
> wp_ec3_schedule table wasn't moved over by the normal wordpress   
> export.  So, I just looked and it had only  88 rows, I just imported  
>  an export with Add DROPPED TABLE and it went to the full 118 rows.
> Give it a try.
> Cheers
> Tom
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Backing_Up_Your_Database
> --- On Fri, 7/24/09, Alf Haakon Lund <alf at galleritexas.no> wrote:
> From: Alf Haakon Lund <alf at galleritexas.no>
> Subject: [EventCalendar] Import calendar entries from other blog
> To: "Support for EventCalendar plugin" <eventcalendar at firetree.net>
> Date: Friday, July 24, 2009, 5:25 PM
> Hello everybody,
> I've been struggling with the import of calendar entries from one   
> blog to another.
> I have one site which is going to be closed down and want to migrate  
>  the content to a new site for archiving purposes. The new site is   
> also set up with ec3.
> However I could not find a way to merge or join or import the table   
> through MyPhpAdmin, which looked like the best way - I get an error   
> message stating that it will not insert the data because a table   
> already exists (of course I want to keep the existing table).
> Getting the actual posts is a "piece of cake" via the export/import   
> options in wp, but it seems I have to manually re-enter all calendar  
>  entries.
> I spent quite a few hours searching for an answer, but it seems I'm   
> not able to ask the right question. So, I'm very thankful if someone  
>  has any ideas how to solve this.
> Best wishes, Alf
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