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Samuel Clemance s_clemance at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 25 15:31:15 UTC 2009

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== Changelog ==

= 3.2.beta2 =
* Fixed processing of $options parameter in ec3_get_calendar() template function.
* Removed unused ActiveXObject emulation. This was causing trouble for other JS, which used the presence of the window.ActiveXObject object as a form of browser detection. (Thanks to Helene Zisook Speer for reporting this problem.)
* Fix for months with zero padding. (Thanks to Selene Tan for spotting the bug.)
* Suppressed canonical redirection for feeds and any URLs that use ec3 queries.
* Fixed formatting of events in popup. Consistent time format in big calendar.
* Fixed double-encoded HTML entities in calendar tooltips.
* More sophisticated reporting of start and end times for events that straddle midnight. (Thanks to Samuel Clemance for reporting all these problems.)
* Don’t bother trying to generate schedule table or iconlets for non-event posts. Removed empty <table> elements that were causing formatting errors for some users. (Thanks to Jeff Dodson and Sandra Williams for reporting this bug.)

= 3.2.beta1 =
* Much improved query support.
* Ordering of listings pages is now *much* more sensible.
* The post numbers reported by archive and category links now match the number of posts that actually appear on those pages.
* New query variable: ec3_listing.
* Big Calendars (ta da!)
* Iconlets (dumb name?)

= 3.1.4 =
* Users with “Author” status can now create events. (Thanks to Morten Helmstedt for reporting this problem.)
* Fixed problems in IE7 with date-chooser on Write Post page. (Thanks to Terry Ambrose for reporting this problem).

= 3.1.2 =
* Adds support for the upcoming WordPress 2.7, 
* Database upgrader for those coming from very old 3.0.x versions.
* Better integration with the latest WordPress.
* Cosmetic improvements to the settings and Write Posts pages.
* Fixed incompatibility with tags.
* Fixed incompatibility with WP-Sticky plugin.
* Fixed charset problems in iCalendar feed.
* Upcoming Events list widget now uses date format from WordPress settings.
* New translations:
ru_RU Russian (by Ivan Matveyev)
sl_SI Slovenian (by Damjan Gerli)

= 3.1.1 =
* Adds full support for WordPress 2.6.2
* New translations ?

= 3.1.1 RC4 =
* Fixes compatibility up to WordPress v2.6.2

= 3.1.1 RC3 =
* Fix to turn-off broken canonical redirection when both m= & cat= are set
* Fixed ambiguous JavaScript variable name. Thanks to Chris Marshall.
* Fixed unescaped characters in %TITLE% variables. Thanks to Elizabeth M., Peter Troxler and everyone who helped to troubleshoot this problem.
* Replaced calls to deprecated get_settings() with get_option(). Thanks to JD Puglisi for pointing out this issue.
* Macedonian translation. Thanks to Vanco Ordanoski

= 3.1.1 RC2 =
* Fixes compatibility with Wordpress 2.3
* Now compatible with Google Calendar
* Added Danish translation
* Added Turkish translation
* Added Catalan translation

= 3.1.1 RC1 =
* Fixes compatibility with Wordpress 2.1
* Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
* Added Italian translation.
* Corrected Dutch translation.

= 3.1.0 =
* Now fully supports WordPress 2.0.
* Supports WordPress Widgets, so that you can add events to your sidebar without having to edit PHP files.
* Subscribe to your events from iCal, Sunbird, Google calendar and other iCalendar-aware applications.
* Fully timezone aware.
* Translations available to Dutch, German, Finnish, French Norwegian and Spanish.

= 3.1 RC4 =
* Cope gracefully with PHP ’safe mode’ forbidding us from changing timezones. (Reported by Karl Kolk.)
* Upgrade now forces event posts’ post_date to be in the past, even if their post_modified is in the future. (Reported by Ray Walker and others.)
* New query var ?ec3_after now actually works.
* Fixed SQL errors when WordPress’ “exclude category” query is used. (Spotted by Mels.)

= 3.1 RC3 =
* Fixes PHP5 incompatibility (RC2)
* Changes to advanced query syntax:
?ec3_after - NEW (equivalent to the old ?ec3_from)
?ec3_after=today - new ‘today’ syntax
* Now allows WP’s query_posts() to be called multiple times per page. Thanks to Jake McMurchie for reporting this bug.
* Fixes ec3_get_events() so that it supports the $template_month and $month_format parameters. These were previously documented, but not actually implemented!
* French translation. Thanks to Davy Morel

= 3.1 RC1 =
* Easier to use (harder to get wrong!) interface on post edit page.
* The “Schedule Editor” has been RENAMED “Event Editor”.
* The (newly dubbed) Event Editor is now ALWAYS VISIBLE.
* The event category checkbox is now greyed-out. It is now managed by the Event Editor.
* Added Spanish translation. Thanks to Maira Belmonte.
* Smoothed the installation process:
* Most of the plugin is now simply deactivated until an event category is chosen.
* No more SQL errors when the plug-in is half installed.
* No longer attempts to “upgrade” category #1 when newly installed.
* Moved EventCalendar options screen from “Options” to “Plugins” section in the admin interface.
* New ‘X days’ limit syntax for ec3_get_events().
* Cut down readme.txt file to just the basics.

= 3.1._pre16 =
* Timezone support added.
* Translations now available.
* Bugs fixed.

= 3.1._pre15 =
* older changes not available

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