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Dennis Schmitz schmitz.dennis at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 25 16:37:07 UTC 2009


i zpdatet my site to 3.2 Beta today.
see here: www.oberlahn-express.de

My Problem is that the calender dont show the events in the other
month. When i click on August or June no events market in the

Is use WP 2.8.2
WP-Super-Cash is disable
WP-Wildget-Cash is disabled

But no Events or post market in the other month.

can someone help me to fix this?

Thank you

D. Schmitz
Germany - so sorry for the bad english :-)

2009/7/25 Samuel Clemance <s_clemance at hotmail.com>:
> I have no experience with subversion (and little with programming) so bear
> with me but how do we go about submitting changes?  I have put together an
> addition for the readme which will add the changelog section (attached) to
> the plugin repository.  I think the readme also needs a few updates:
> under install it says:
> If you use the WordPress Widgets, then the Event Calendar is available as an
> easy to install widget. In order to use it you must first activate the
> 'Event Calendar Widget' plugin.
> This is no longer true as it is all under one plugin now.  New versions
> should exclude the second sentence.
> WP version should support 2.8.2 as to the best of my knowledge 2.8 hasn't
> effected the operation of EC.  the only bugs people seem to be encountering
> are unrelated to the WP version.
> It would also be nice to see David Moody's repeating events checked in maybe
> to a branch like we did with the big cal so that it can be tested by more
> people.
> After this I would be willing to take a shot at updating the widgets to
> support the new functionality in 2.8 when I have some time.
> I will check these changes in if someone can point me in the correct
> direction.
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