[EventCalendar] Current Bugs

Alf Haakon Lund alf at galleritexas.no
Sun Jul 26 07:55:28 UTC 2009


I confirm bug no. 5 exists on my setup (ec3.2.beta2 on wp 2.8.2):

site search skips EventCalendar entry - Keep Events separate causes  
search to not include events.

All the best, Alf Haakon Lund

Fra Samuel Clemance <s_clemance at hotmail.com> lør 25-07-2009 18:50:26 CEST:

> That leads me to another issue.  With Alex not responding lately   
> there is a growing list of bugs.  It might be good if we could list   
> the bugs and a link to the first occurrence in the mailing list so   
> maybe we can track them down and start clearing them out.  It would   
> be great to get a final release of 3.2 out.
> 1.Multiple showtime with iconlets (Gerik Goncalves)
> iconlets showing only first occurrence of an event when there are   
> multiple events in a day.
> http://penguin.firetree.net/pipermail/eventcalendar/2009-June/005452.html
> 2. Subscribe to iCal on Google Calendar (Pedro Pinheiro)
> Not working
> http://penguin.firetree.net/pipermail/eventcalendar/2009-July/005518.html
> 3. Issue with ec3_get_events() in 3.2 beta2 (Jonah West)
> The limit parameter does not limit according to multiple event   
> dates/times in an individual event post.
> It is always counting an event post as one event even if that event   
> is setup with multiple dates/time. So if an event has 3 dates/time,   
> it will count as 1 event in the list.
> http://penguin.firetree.net/pipermail/eventcalendar/2009-June/005415.html
> 4. Only current month showing events (Marc Griffin)  Is this still   
> an issue for anyone?
> if you go backward or forward a month on the big calendar or sidebar  
>  widget calendar there are no events listed.  This appears to not be  
>  related to the on.load JS conflict that sometimes occurs.
> http://penguin.firetree.net/pipermail/eventcalendar/2009-June/005420.html
> 5. site search skips EventCalendar entry (Tamar Haspel)
> Keep Events separate causes search to not include events.
> http://penguin.firetree.net/pipermail/eventcalendar/2009-June/005402.html
> If I have missed anything please add it to the list.  If any of   
> these issues have been resolved please include info about the fix.    
> Thanks!
> From: Gerik Goncalves
> Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2009 9:42 AM
> To: s_clemance at hotmail.com
> Subject: Re: [EventCalendar] Check in changes
> I had trouble with the iconlets not showing multiple times in one   
> day does that happen to you?
> Always,
> Gerik Goncalves
> On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 11:31 AM, Samuel Clemance   
> <s_clemance at hotmail.com> wrote:
>   I have no experience with subversion (and little with programming)  
>  so bear with me but how do we go about submitting changes?  I have   
> put together an addition for the readme which will add the changelog  
>  section (attached) to the plugin repository.  I think the readme   
> also needs a few updates:
>   under install it says:
>   If you use the WordPress Widgets, then the Event Calendar is   
> available as an easy to install widget. In order to use it you must   
> first activate the 'Event Calendar Widget' plugin.
>   This is no longer true as it is all under one plugin now.  New   
> versions should exclude the second sentence.
>   WP version should support 2.8.2 as to the best of my knowledge 2.8  
>  hasn't effected the operation of EC.  the only bugs people seem to   
> be encountering are unrelated to the WP version.
>   It would also be nice to see David Moody's repeating events   
> checked in maybe to a branch like we did with the big cal so that it  
>  can be tested by more people.
>   After this I would be willing to take a shot at updating the   
> widgets to support the new functionality in 2.8 when I have some time.
>   I will check these changes in if someone can point me in the   
> correct direction.
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