[EventCalendar] ec3 usage

Alberto Ramacciotti ramacciotti.alberto at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 09:15:46 UTC 2009

I need to understand the right usage of this plugin: I've got some 
events; for instance: 1event is from 21-06-2009 till 22-06-2009. 2event 
is from 24-06-2009 till 25-06-2009. I see that the 1event will not 
replaced by 2event till the hours sets arrived. But I need to show 
2event when 1event's hours are ended up.
My situation is the following:

1event: july 21 (time start at 01AM, end at 7AM)
2event: july 25 (time start at 01AM, end at 7AM)

Seems that 2event will not be replaced till july 25 at 01AM. But I need 
to show 2event since 7.01AM of july 21.

It will works if I unpublish 1event manually,but this isn't plugin right 


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