[EventCalendar] ec3 usage

Alf Haakon Lund alf at galleritexas.no
Mon Jul 27 12:50:44 UTC 2009


It looks like you are using it right as afr as I can see.

ec3_get_events () in sidebar, this function only list events.

query_posts () function returns event posts with content.

Regards, Alf Haakon Lund

Fra Alberto Ramacciotti <ramacciotti.alberto at gmail.com> søn 26-07-2009  
14:46:16 CEST:

> Updates:
> 1.I was using query_posts to show an article labelled with that
> event.So they just write an article,add start and end time. publish it
> to see it on homepage.But in this way I've got the prev issues about
> its publishing. Other way: using  ec3_get_events(1); instead
> query_posts in index.php. That works seems. Naturally I should learn
> how to disable html from the post in index (get_schedule) to use a
> different structure instead the UL,that is good only in the sidebar
> navigation.
> Anyway seems I did wrong trying to use query_posts: online stuff (don't
> be care about the layout errors,it isn't mine fault: one stupid person
> touched mine template without enought knowledge *sigh*)
> http://www.mercantipercaso.com/
> Notes: on #content: Prossimo evento= next event (as in sidebar), that's
> ec3_get_events(1);
> The following two 'Eventi' (events)  are printed using query_posts.
> That's why its structure is different.
> Just to show you the difference between those two methods.
> I hope I got its right usage now.
> Waiting for a confirmation.
> What a sunday.
> and thanks again.
> alberto
> Alf Haakon Lund ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> If I understand right, you want the 2. event to show immediately   
>> when 1. event ends.
>> I think the way ec3 works you can not have it.
>>> 1event: july 21 (time start at 01AM, end at 7AM)
>> This event is going to show until the end of July 21, I believe   
>> it's because the ec3_after=today is asking for today (not for   
>> ending time of last event).
>>> 2event: july 25 (time start at 01AM, end at 7AM)
>> This event will show from the start of July 22.
>> Hope this helps.
>> All the best, Alf Haakon Lund
>> Fra Alberto Ramacciotti <ramacciotti.alberto at gmail.com> søn   
>> 26-07-2009 11:15:46 CEST:
>>> Hello,
>>> I need to understand the right usage of this plugin: I've got some
>>> events; for instance: 1event is from 21-06-2009 till 22-06-2009. 2event
>>> is from 24-06-2009 till 25-06-2009. I see that the 1event will not
>>> replaced by 2event till the hours sets arrived. But I need to show
>>> 2event when 1event's hours are ended up.
>>> My situation is the following:
>>> 1event: july 21 (time start at 01AM, end at 7AM)
>>> 2event: july 25 (time start at 01AM, end at 7AM)
>>> Seems that 2event will not be replaced till july 25 at 01AM. But I need
>>> to show 2event since 7.01AM of july 21.
>>> It will works if I unpublish 1event manually,but this isn't plugin
>>> right usage.
>>> Suggestion?
>>> Regards.
>>> Alberto
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