[EventCalendar] Re: BigCalendar month names link to 404 not found page

Adam Houston adam at brickst.com
Wed Mar 4 00:04:25 UTC 2009

Sorry to reply to my own post, but to save time in you suggesting  
things I'd seen suggested to others, I set up the following page:

it's a test server with the default theme, and default permalink  
structure. It works *better* than the real one with the custom theme  
and the year/month/day permalinks, i.e. clicking the month name  
doesn't result in 404 error. However, it shows "Sorry, but there  
aren't any posts with this date" instead of all the events in March.

Also I'm noticing that March (current month) is the only one whose  
events show up in the BigCalendar. One event, at least, has an April 1  
date but is missing from the calendar - April and all months besides  
the current month are blank.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Adam Houston
Web / Graphic Designer

BrickStreet Creative
p: 618-463-0811
f: 618-464-0881

On Mar 3, 2009, at 1:16 PM, Adam Houston wrote:

> Hi,
> Alex - LOVE the plugin...especially the "iconlets" which I modified  
> slightly in mine. Thanks so much. I'm using 3.2.beta2 with Wordpress  
> 2.7.1.
> I have spent hours searching through the archived mailing list, but  
> it's not as search friendly a system as I'd like. Sorry if you've  
> addressed this already.
> I'm having a bit of trouble setting up the big calendar ... seen on  
> this page: http://www.haynerlibrary.org/events/
> The content of the page, in HTML edit mode, is simply:  
> [EC3BigCalendar]
> When you click the month name in the nav, or a day number in the  
> calendar, to view all events in that month/day, it goes to a 404  
> page. For example:
> http://www.haynerlibrary.org/2009/03/?ec3_listing=events   ==>  not  
> found
> I tried manually going to:
> http://www.haynerlibrary.org/?m=200903&ec3_listing=events  ==>  
> "Sorry, but there aren't any posts with this date."
> True there aren't "posts" yet in march, but there are "events" in  
> March. Why aren't they showing up there either?
> I have "Events are Normal Posts" set, because the library folks want  
> the, for lack of a better word, "announcement" of the future event  
> to post as a normal post, and yet technically be an event on your  
> big calendar as well. I tried choosing "keep events separate" to see  
> if that would help, but all my events disappeared from the big  
> calendar. So I have switched it back to "Events are Normal Posts."
> Thanks,
> Adam Houston
> Web / Graphic Designer
> BrickStreet Creative
> www.brickst.com
> p: 618-463-0811
> f: 618-464-0881

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