[EventCalendar] Big Calendar in a Category Template - How to do it?

theplacebo webadmin theplacebo.webadmin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 05:39:55 UTC 2009

I've seen a few other people fumbling around with similar issues, but
didn't see any solutions. (Er, at least any that I could *tell* were

I need to put the Big Calendar into the top of the custom Calendar
category template I made, above the listing of posts in said category.
(This in order to meet the request of the eventual site owners.) I'm
having problems, no doubt because I am a n00b when it comes to mucking
about in php templates and plug-ins.

I tried using <?php echo do_shortcode('[EC3BigCalendar]'); ?> , but it
merely prints out the short code, rather than implementing it. So the
php I'm using to insert is that which I found here:
i.e., |
<div id="bigcalendar">
<?php ec3_get_calendar("ec3default",1); ?>

When I use it as-is, I get lots of errors, all looking more or less like:
" Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second
argument should be either an array or an object in
/[domain]/wp-content/plugins/event-calendar/calendar-sidebar.php on line
45 "
though the line numbers change.

The errors disappear if I delete the parameters from ec3_get_calendar(),
but the Big Calendar itself looks just as wonky. Or rather, I should say
the Small Calendar looks just as wonky, since that's what appears either
way and just stretches itself across the page.

||So has the insert code perhaps it has changed with the latest beta
version? Moving it about the template changes nothing and the template
otherwise does what it should, displaying both the Calendar category and
some HTML atop that.

Wordpress version: 2.7.1
Theme: modularity_lite
EC3 version: 3.2.beta2.

Test page using short code, looking fine:
Test category template using php, looking terrible:

Thanks very much, in advance

_D. the (temporarily) Clueless

ps. Thanks to Alex and the other coders for making EC3 available at all!

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