[EventCalendar] Display upcoming events from one category

Leon Poole leon at creativeworld.com.au
Sun Mar 8 12:52:49 UTC 2009


I’ve searched the mailing list messages and found a topic that nearly solved
my issue (however I can’t find it anymore!)

Basically in our install we have a list of upcoming events for different
rock bands in Events Calendar. Each rock band also has their own page where
I would like to list the upcoming events for that band only. A category has
been created for each band is active for each post/event.

So I think I'll need something like: List upcoming events if category id =
12... But coding isn’t a strong strength of mine :(  Can anyone help with
this please?

(I also posted a question on this in the forums on wordpress
(http://wordpress.org/support/topic/245394?replies=3#post-1009002) before
seeing this support mailing list sorry)

Thanks, Leon.

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