[EventCalendar] Big Calendar - Open date in new window?

Michael Gaffney mjgaffney at comcast.net
Mon Mar 9 14:22:25 UTC 2009

I am posting multiple events to each date on  my calendar (with the post
being a full day event) and would like to have a  new window pop up when the
use selects the date (which reads 'multiple events'.)  Problem is, if the
post pops up in the same window as the calendar, that when the user goes
back using the 'back' button, the calendar resets to the current month and
the user has to re-navigate to the month and date they were looking at.
Simple solution would be to have the post open to a new window or tab.  Is
this possible?  Or is it possible to have the big calendar remember where it
was when the user clicked the date?  Any other suggestions that you could
offer regarding how I can better use the calendar for posting sometimes up
to 15 or so events per day would be helpful.






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