[EventCalendar] A more flexible event list

Marc Boivin mjsdesign at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 18:39:36 UTC 2009

Hi all,
         I needed a way to creat a list of upcoming events with a very  
specific template. I read the documentation about ec3_get_events() but  
couldn't get my head around doing something like:

  <li class="event_day">Friday</li>
  <li class="event_day">31</li>
  <li class="event_day">2009</li>
<p class="event_title"><a href="http://link.to.event">Event Title</a></ 

So I ended up creating a new function ec3_get_events_query($limit,  
$format='d M Y') which returns an array of events with a date array  
that contains all the date informations required in $format.

Is there a way to do that already? If there is not, I will try to  
implement category filtering to my function, because I need that to.

I'm attaching a diff file so people can mess around if that's of any  



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