[EventCalendar] Show end dates of multi-day events

Sara Cormeny scormeny at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 14:26:39 BST 2010

I have a site in progress at http://managebest.net/seq/ .  Many of the events we're listing are multi-day events, for instance workshops or craft fairs.

I'd like to be able to change my sidebar list of upcoming events so that the start and end dates display on multi-day events.  I searched through the archives and found some code from back in February 2006 that Alex proposed using for this purpose ( ), and inserted it into my sidebar.php .

However, that code is not working and won't display anything for me.  I'm hoping it might be as easy as troubleshooting the code that Alex provided, but I'm too much of a php n00b to do it myself.

Right now, I've removed the new multi-day code from the sidebar so you won't see it in action, but here's the problem I was seeing with it:

It seems there's a problem with this line in the code:


Wordpress will display everything in my document before the event calendar code, and then kicks up an error about an unexpected T_VARIABLE in that line.  And, when I look at the line in BBEdit, my editor of choice, the word "end" at the end of that line, is in blue, which I think is trying to indicate to me that somehow that variable has not been defined yet?

I'd be most appreciative of help on this, thanks so much.  If you are a programmer who does this sort of work for pay and you have a solution to propose, please be in touch off-list.

Sincerely, Sara Cormeny, sara at paperlantern.com

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