[EventCalendar] EventCalendar Translation Problem

angel lagrimas.d.plastico.azul at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 10:12:10 BST 2010


I have a little problem with the last version of event-calendar and the

Specifically i have the 2.8.6 wp version and the 3.2.beta2 version of
eventcalendar. And qtranslate for the website translations. And my website (
http://www.lapremsadelbaix.es) is shown in catalan and spanish. Well, when
the website is shown in catalan the eventcalendar widget that i have
(agenda) don't show the daynames in catalan, it shows in english. When the
website is shown in spanish the daynames are shown in spanish

I don't understant... the .mo file is present for catalan.

I'm doing something wrong? forgetting something?

Kind Regards,

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