[EventCalendar] Date range in posts/events query

David Garlitz dgarlitz at wesleyan.edu
Fri Jul 2 14:46:54 BST 2010

Hi - i'm running version 3.2beta2. On the site that I'm working on, i'd like to be able to include the events occurring within the next x days in the same query that shows my regular posts - I tried "&ec3_listing=all&ec3_days=x" but this didn't work. I should also mention that for other parts of the site to function correctly, I need to use the option "keep posts and events separate" 

Any ideas on how I can get this working?


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On 26 juin 2010, at 20:43, Karen Kreps <KarenKreps at NetIngenuity.com> wrote:

> I'm completely stymied on this!
> I switched the theme of the site (http://changeaustin.org) to Twenty Ten and
> it still isn't working. When I tested Event-Calendar Version 3.2.beta2 on
> another site (http://netingenuity.com), which has a theme I created with
> Artisteer, it did work. Both sites are hosted on hostmonster.com.
> When I tried a different theme, also created with Aristeer, on
> ChangeAustin.org, Event-Calendar Version 3.2.beta2 did not work on
> ChangeAustin.org. After I switched the theme to Twenty Ten on
> ChangeAustin.org, I deactivated and deleted (and using FTP, made sure all
> the files were gone) the plugin that wasn't working and  did a fresh install
> using the same event-calendar.3.2.beta2.zip file that had worked on my own
> site. After visiting the options page
> http://changeaustin.org/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=ec3_admin
> --where it defaulted to the already existing category Events, and saving the
> options, it still won't let me use the Event Editor (which appears at the
> bottom of the edit post page but without the + option) or open the Screen
> Options boxes. 
> I see that in the category Events, there are 8 posts from when I was using
> EC3 with an older version of Wordpress. If I open each of those, the Events
> category is checked -- and grayed out -- so I can't remove the post from the
> Events category.
> I suspect that these pre-existing posts in the Events category may be the
> problem. 
> I'm going to try to delete the Events category and then create the Events
> category again. I'll report back on my progress, but welcome any additional
> suggestions you, Chris, or others, may offer.
> TIA.
> KK 
> On 6/25/10 2:01 PM, "Chris Janton" <face at CentosPrime.COM> wrote:
>> On 2010-06-25 , at 07:15 , Karen Kreps wrote:
>>> Could it possibly be the theme causing a problem? I was planning on changing
>>> the theme later today after the client sees the replacement, so I can
>>> experiment later.
>> absolutely - check it with a different theme (using the default helps -
>> twentyten)
>> 8)
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