[EventCalendar] wp_trim_excerpt filter removed?

Joe Bondra bondra.4 at osu.edu
Mon Jul 12 20:05:14 BST 2010


Is the Event Calendar 3 plugin still being maintained? Just curious, 
since there hasn't been an update since November of 2008.

This is more of a feature request/bug report if anything, but if this 
plugin is still being developed, is it possible to find some workaround 
for the decision to remove the wp_trim_excerpt filter?

I ask because I've found this plugin to be useful, but I'm running into 
an issue where I need to use wp_trim_excerpt to create auto-excerpts for 
posts, and it seems silly that I should have to create some conditional 
in my code to test for the existence of this plugin.  Event Calendar 3 
is unfortunately disabling a filter that developers expect to be there.

I'm trying to find a solution to this in your code, but for the most 
part, it's really a design decision to change things so that 
wp_trim_excerpt doesn't have to be removed.

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